Henderson, NV

Photo Credit to Mike Cowan Photography.

Situated adjacent to the River Mountains Water Treatment Facility, this new development consisted of constructing a modern one-story concrete building spanning approximately 8,979 square feet with a ceiling height nearing 15 feet. The building accommodates offices, cubicle workspaces, a conference room, a breakroom, and restroom facilities, essential for the seamless operation of the facility. Site enhancements include a new parking lot with covered spaces along with sidewalks, streetlights, signage, and landscaping. This new facility services as a hub for Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) project management personnel tasked with overseeing projects at various stages of planning, design, and construction. The Centurion Team performed all quality assurance special inspections and construction materials testing services for asphalt, soils/grading, concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, welding, structural steel, spray applied fire resistant material, firestopping, and special cases.

SNWA Horizon Lateral Project Management Building Interior