Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing is a broad group of techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. Centurion offers a full range of non-destructive evaluation with over 20 years of experience running large scale extremely complex construction projects. Centurion specializes in running large, fast paced infrastructure projects requiring multiple NDT technicians performing testing only during an allotted window of time, sometimes 24/7 for days or weeks. Our unique understanding of the staffing requirements of these physically and technically demanding projects makes Centurion an extremely valuable asset to your team. NDT Methods provided by Centurion include but are not limited to:

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is a method of non-destructive testing techniques that uses the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material being tested. Most commonly, very short ultrasonic pulse-waves are transmitted into materials to detect internal flaws, dimensional measurements, material characterization and more.

ultrasonic testing diagram

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle testing is a non-destructive testing process for detecting surface discontinuities. The process puts a magnetic field into the material being tested The presence of a surface or subsurface discontinuity in the material allows the magnetic flux to leak. Since air cannot support as much magnetic field per unit volume as metals, ferrous iron particles applied to the material are attracted to these areas.

magnetic particle testing diagram

Dye-Penetrant Testing

Also called liquid penetrant inspection or penetrant testing, this is a method of non-destructive testing techniques that uses penetrant and developer compounds to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials. Dye-Penetrant testing is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity and fatigue cracks on in-service components.

dye penetrant testing